Commit 8d30eebb authored by Vladimir Bashkirtsev's avatar Vladimir Bashkirtsev
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Frontend has moved to /ui folder

parent 44742225
......@@ -83,7 +83,7 @@ server: zabbix-server-service zabbix-server-config httpd-conf
sed -e 's|^DBUser=.*|# DBUser=|' -i /etc/zabbix_server.conf
sed -e 's|^Timeout=.*|Timeout=10|' -i /etc/zabbix_server.conf
sed -e 's|^# Include=/usr/local/etc/zabbix_server\.conf\.d/\*\.conf|Include=/etc/zabbix_server.conf.d/*.conf|' -i /etc/zabbix_server.conf
cp -rv zabbix-5.0.1/frontends/php/* /srv/www
cp -rv zabbix-5.0.1/ui/* /srv/www
cp zabbix.conf.php /srv/www/conf
rm /srv/www/conf/zabbix.conf.php.example
chown -v -R apache:apache /srv/www
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