Commit 866c03c7 authored by Vladimir Bashkirtsev's avatar Vladimir Bashkirtsev
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Updated xterm to 356

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all: xterm-conf
tar xf xterm-346.tgz
cd xterm-346 && sed -i '/v0/{n;s/new:/new:kb=^?:/}' termcap
cd xterm-346 && printf '\tkbs=\\177,\n' >> terminfo
cd xterm-346 && TERMINFO=/usr/share/terminfo ./configure $(XORG_CONFIG) --with-app-defaults=/etc/X11/app-defaults
$(MAKE) -C xterm-346
$(MAKE) -C xterm-346 install
$(MAKE) -C xterm-346 install-ti
tar xf xterm-356.tgz
cd xterm-356 && sed -i '/v0/{n;s/new:/new:kb=^?:/}' termcap
cd xterm-356 && printf '\tkbs=\\177,\n' >> terminfo
cd xterm-356 && TERMINFO=/usr/share/terminfo ./configure $(XORG_CONFIG) --with-app-defaults=/etc/X11/app-defaults
$(MAKE) -C xterm-356
$(MAKE) -C xterm-356 install
$(MAKE) -C xterm-356 install-ti
mkdir -p /usr/share/X11/app-defaults
@echo "$$XTERM_CONF" > /usr/share/X11/app-defaults/Xterm
rm -rf xterm-346
rm -rf xterm-356
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