Commit 762a7038 authored by Vladimir Bashkirtsev's avatar Vladimir Bashkirtsev
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Updated make to 4.3

parent 6ddef232
tar xf make-4.2.1.tar.bz2
cd make-4.2.1 && sed -i '211,217 d; 219,229 d; 232 d' glob/glob.c
cd make-4.2.1 && ./configure --build=$(CLFS_TARGET) --prefix=/usr
$(MAKE) -C make-4.2.1
tar xf make-4.3.tar.gz
cd make-4.3 && ./configure --build=$(CLFS_TARGET) --prefix=/usr
$(MAKE) -C make-4.3
if [[ ! "$(BUILD_OPTIONS)" =~ no-tests ]] ; then \
$(MAKE) -C make-4.2.1 PERL5LIB=$(CURDIR)/make-4.2.1/tests/ check ; \
$(MAKE) -C make-4.3 PERL5LIB=$(CURDIR)/make-4.3/tests/ check ; \
$(MAKE) -C make-4.2.1 install
rm -rf make-4.2.1
$(MAKE) -C make-4.3 install
rm -rf make-4.3
<project name="make">
<target name="temporary-make">
<property name="makedir" value="${builddir}/make-4.2.1"/>
<property name="makedir" value="${builddir}/make-4.3"/>
<exec executable="tar" failonerror="true">
<arg line="xf packages/make/make-4.2.1.tar.bz2 -C ${builddir}"/>
<exec executable="bash" dir="${makedir}" failonerror="true">
<arg value="-c"/>
<arg value="sed -i '211,217 d; 219,229 d; 232 d' glob/glob.c"/>
<arg line="xf packages/make/make-4.3.tar.gz -C ${builddir}"/>
<exec executable="./configure" dir="${makedir}" failonerror="true">
<env key="PATH" path="${PATH}"/>
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