Commit 56c7c82c authored by Vladimir Bashkirtsev's avatar Vladimir Bashkirtsev
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Added config for textroom plugin

parent 6e806c81
# room-<unique room ID>: {
# description = This is my awesome room
# is_private = true|false (whether this room should be in the public list, default=true)
# secret = <optional password needed for manipulating (e.g. destroying) the room>
# pin = <optional password needed for joining the room>
# post = <optional backend to contact via HTTP post for all incoming messages>
general: {
#admin_key = "supersecret" # If set, rooms can be created via API only
# if this key is provided in the request
json = "indented" # Whether the data channel JSON messages should be indented (default),
# plain (no indentation) or compact (no indentation and no spaces)
#events = false # Whether events should be sent to event
# handlers (default=true)
# By default, integers are used as a unique ID for rooms. In case you
# want to use strings instead (e.g., a UUID), set string_ids to true.
#string_ids = true
room-1234: {
description = "Demo Room"
# is_private = true
secret = "adminpwd"
# pin = "roompwd"
# post = ""
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