Commit 604043d1 authored by Vladimir Bashkirtsev's avatar Vladimir Bashkirtsev

PostgreSQL needs run directory to start

parent 05c59ac2
......@@ -22,10 +22,10 @@ all:
mv -v /etc/gshadow /data/etc/gshadow
ln -sv /data/etc/gshadow /etc/gshadow
tar xf gitlab-foss-v13.1.0.tar.bz2
mv gitlab-foss-v13.1.0/* /srv/www
tar xf gitlab-foss-v13.1.0.tar.bz2 -C /srv/www --strip-components=1
rm -rf /srv/www/index.html
install -v -m775 -o postgres -g postgres -d /run/postgresql
sudo -u postgres /usr/bin/pg_ctl -s -D /srv/pgsql/data start -w -t 120
sudo -u postgres psql -d template1 -c "CREATE USER git CREATEDB;"
sudo -u postgres psql -d template1 -c "CREATE EXTENSION IF NOT EXISTS pg_trgm;"
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