Commit c86ca4d5 authored by Yuri Aksenov's avatar Yuri Aksenov
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Changed artifact name

parent 77198868
......@@ -8,8 +8,8 @@
<property name="LOCALE" value="en_GB.utf8"/>
<property name="ARTIFACT_NAME" value="Data-collector"/>
<property name="HOSTNAME" value="data-collector"/>
<property name="ARTIFACT_NAME" value="Old-data-collector"/>
<property name="HOSTNAME" value="old-data-collector"/>
<property name="PRETTY_NAME" value="${} for Orange Pi Plus 2E" if:set="env.ORANGE_PI_PLUS_2E"/>
<property name="VERSION" value="DATACOLLECTOR-OPIPLUS2E" if:set="env.ORANGE_PI_PLUS_2E"/>
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